Site Specific Art
Site Specific Art

Matthew Amses

Site Specific Art Management, Inc. specializes in creating material-inspired artwork that complements the vision of leading architects, interior designers and private collectors worldwide. Be it a room lit by a cluster of hand-blown illuminated glass orbs, a space defined by a veiled metal screen, custom lighting or one of a kind sculptural glass wall installation.

Matthew Amses established Site Specific Art Management Inc. in 1995 with the concept of representing and developing the work of artists working with natural materials. SSAM is dedicated to creating opportunities for artists, so they may produce uncompromising gallery-quality work with lasting beauty, mystery and intrigue that complement the vision of architects and interior designers creating the spaces.

Mr. Amses’ most significant accomplishment includes the development of an evolving portfolio of works by master glass artist Deborah Czeresko. Deborah’s unique works combined with Mr. Amses keen eye for the potential on-site applications have yielded a following of the top interior designers and architects in the world and numerous commercial and residential projects. Most recently, Ms. Czeresko created a large scale color blown/cast glass WALL installation, One-of-a-kind Lobby Lighting, and a custom woven glass Concierge desk and Fireplace Surround for the private development at 150 Charles Street in New York City in collaboration with Alan Wanzenberg Design LLC and Peter Hosier Design LCC. 

Prior to establishing his partnership with Ms. Czeresko, Mr. Amses focused his efforts on creating opportunities for artists to create large-scale architectural glass, metal, and light installations for Amses Cosma and other artists. Some highlight projects for Amses Cosma include a bas-relief  sculpture with Beyer Blinder Belle Architects for the Rockefeller Center Complexes, a series of Glass Sculptures for Celebrity Cruises and more.



Featured Artists

Deborah Czeresko

Artist Deborah Czeresko’s mastery of glass techniques allows her a freedom of expression rarely seen in this medium.

Her control and respect of this malleable yet concrete material yields work that exudes a focused energy and a highly sensual quality. When Deborah creates an individual lighting piece, a functional sculpture, or an installation, she is always at one with her material.

The artist asserts that the impetus for her work is communicated through the transformational nature of creating with glass, a process of self-discovery and awareness of finding that which is divine in life.  “It’s soft when hot, harsh when cold, and eventually rigid and sharp.  A certain peace comes when I get the right balance,” she explains.  

Ms. Czeresko’s unique technical expertise allow her to create work that combines a variety of glass-making techniques including hand-blowing, solid forming/cold working/re-melting, fusing and hot casting, as well as traditional drawing, model making, and sculpting. Her influences range from the formality and preciseness of Venetian glass blowing to the more expressive gestures of the Czech school of glass design. A hallmark of her work is to utilize mainly clear, opaque, and opaline glass to create a balance that accentuates form. In addition, she has recently begun to expand her work to utilize color with the same philosophical approach. Ms. Czeresko has created large scale installations, custom lighting works, multiple series of lighting pieces, as well individual sculptures for many interior designers, architects, private clientele, and art collectors. 


Alissa Neglia

Alissa Neglia’s work is raw and beautiful. She transforms mundane metal industrial materials into creations of mystery, beauty, and sheer elegance. In her hands, thousands of individually welded steel washers are repurposed into sculptures that filter light and create a delicate veil of shadows.

Alissa Neglia’s work focuses on the effect of light and shadow on an architectural or outdoor space. Utilizing simple industrial components, such as steel washers, Ms. Neglia constructs sculptural screens, vessels, and objects through a unique and intricate process of welding, bending, environmental weathering, and surface finishing. 

In her “Lace” series, common industrial materials transcend their intended purpose and become screens that lightly veil their backdrop. The patterns function as large filters imposing visual shifts. For a moment the reality of their setting blurs. These screens appear gossamer and delicate, contrasting their actual weight and scale. Ms. Neglia has created large scale installations, as well individual sculptures, for exhibitions, private clientele, architects, interior designers, and art collectors. 



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